Mentor Civic Ice Arena has Job Openings

The Mentor Civic Ice Arena continues to search for staffing and we are trying our best to keep our offerings at the level that we are accustomed to at the same time. We are experiencing, though, ice times increasing at a faster pace than we are able to find staff. This is the case in most every other rink I have spoken with. So please, if you know of anyone withing your skating or personal network who might be interested in part time employment, please send them our way. I will offer an hour of ice to anyone who refers a hired applicant.

Mentor Civic Ice Arena


We are in need of the following positions:

Learn To Skate Instructor

Zamboni Driver


Possibly Office Assistant (great gig. Mon-Fri, days)

Skate Guard….mostly for After School Bus Program (recreational skater)

Possibly Pro shop staff