College Football Tonight! Play against SOT and your friends in Bandwagon Fantasy Sports! Its FREE to play! Win Prizes! SIGN UP NOW!

Bandwagon Fantasy Sports is free, fun and easy to play. First download the Bandwagon Fantasy Sports App in the App Store. IT’s FREE to join and play. . Next look for the League Name: Sports on Tap CFB 2022 Passcode: SOT. Once you do that, you are ready to compete against SOT and your friends! Be at the top of the league and win prizes!

Below explains how it works.

How does it work?

Every CFB team in the system is assigned a pre season “dollar” value. There are 106 teams total from the Power 5, Independent, MAC, AAC, and MWC conferences available to draft.

You have 36 “dollars” of draft credit to draft your roster of 8 CFB teams.

Each game your team wins gives you points in the standings. Road wins are the built in tiebreaker.

Add/drop teams up to 25 times at any point during the season

After week 6 teams values update every two weeks based on actual performance data, so no subjective rankings.

It’s up to you to figure out whose Bandwagon you want to jump on or jump off throughout the course of the season. Remember, jumping on a team before they get hot gives you a huge advantage!

SIGN UP NOW! The LEAGUE starts before the College Football Season!!

Download the app in the App Store!

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