Three Keys to the Sports on Tap Game of the Week : Olmsted Falls Bulldogs vs. Midview Middies.

By Sean Duffy

The Southwestern Conference is a buzz with activity heading into the final weeks of the 2017 regular season.    Our game of the week features two of the top three  teams in the conference, both having identical 6-1, 5-1 records.  The Olmsted Falls Bulldogs take on the Midview Middies in a week 8 matchup,  in what I am dubbing as a matchup of the immoveable object meeting  the unstoppable force; here are the three keys to our Game of the Week :

  1. Immovable object – Both Teams have been on an offensive tear as of late winning by double digit margins each of the last two weeks.  However, as a funny meme would put it, one does not simply win big without a good defense.  The Bulldogs and the Middies both have a really good defensive units  which have been able to impose their will on opposing offenses. The Defense that can stop the run game effectively , force the opposing offense to be “off schedule” in the down and distance, and force turnovers will more than likely be victorious at the end of the night.  Sounds cliché, but both defenses have been very successful this year by utilizing this game plan.


  1. Unstoppable Force-  Midview  dropped 55 points  on Westlake in week 7, Olmsted Falls put up 62 points in week 7 against Berea-Midpark.  It is clear that these offenses are able to get on a roll and rack up points upon points.  It will be vital for Midview to utilize a highly  effective running game led by RB Connor Wolfe and complimentary passing attack led by Seamus Higley,  to control the clock, take some pressure of their Defense, and not allow the Bulldogs any opportunities to get the big plays they have been getting over the last few weeks. The Bulldogs on the other hand will look to accomplish the same goal, with an almost exact replica of a game plan. Led By RBs Jack Spellacy  and Luke Lombardo, and a passing attack led by QB Teddy Grendzynski , the bulldogs will attempt to light up the Midview Defense and stifle a hostile Midview crowd.  It is not hard to imagine a shoot out type of game when you consider the track record of both of these offenses as of late. However both of these teams are facing a much better defense on the other side of the ball then they have in the past few weeks,


  1. X Factor Plays- These two teams are very similar on offense and defense,  so there will not be much surprise for these players on Friday night.  I  believe the crux of this game will lie with the small differences between these two teams.  Look for special teams plays to be a deciding factor, whether it comes in the form a kick return for TD,  or a blocked punt/field goal, in a close game these x factor plays can be the difference in winning and losing,  The only question that remains is which team will make that crucial x factor play.


This game is sure to be an intriguing one for sure,  It is always a great atmosphere at Midview, I am anticipating  that the Midview fans to be in full effect trying to make it difficult on the visiting Bulldogs.  While the Bulldogs will have to block out the noise and focus on getting a very tough road win late in the season.

We will be there with our usual wall to wall coverage, Josh will be live tweeting the game @sotpodcast, Be sure to join in on the conversation using #sothsf.  I will be providing a full recap of the game for your reading pleasure on as well as our partner

See you in Grafton!

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